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Unboring the Inbox: Five easy steps to Email Marketing that doesn’t snooze

This week we've teamed up with Ellie Miller Lane who recently delivered a training to our members all on Email Marketing, because she is the EDM QUEEN after all, and an absolute vibe! Translating topics we'd usually fall asleep to into engaging, funny, digestible conversations and teaching moments. So, let’s jump right in…

Tired of the same old email marketing tips?

All g bestie, we're about to dive into some rad and highly effective ways to level up your email game today. Forget that dusty old blah-blah-blah you’re used to and get ready to redefine what it means to be an email champ.

I’m not here for the routine, the dull, and the uninspired, and I want to transform your emails into something that will make your subscribers' inboxes come alive.

1. The Anti-Spam Technique

Let's talk spam. Not the meat delicacy (??), but the bane of every email marketer.

To avoid ending up in the dreaded spam folder, straight up ask your subscribers to add you to their contacts or whitelist your email address. Something along the lines of “you’ve found me! Good. Make sure I’m in the “good” inbox, I don’t want to be hanging around with all the boring sh*t”. It's a simple step, but one often overlooked.

Why does this matter? Because it ensures that your lovingly crafted emails actually reach your audience. Plus, it makes your emails feel like a secret club, a special place where your subscribers belong.

2. "Borrow" Brilliance:

I’m not suggesting grand theft email. I’m talking about taking inspiration from businesses you admire (even BETTER if they’re from another industry).

Figure out what tickles your fancy: is it storytelling emails, GIF parties, or bullet point buffets? Reflect on that and decide if your audience would be fans too. Create your own email “hot or not” list then analyse what works, dissect what doesn't, and bang it into your own unique style. Love a BTS look? Note it. Cringe at overused emojis (🚀, anyone? Guilty, tbh)? Add it to your “Not” list.

Borrowing brilliance is about blending creativity and innovation to create something uniquely yours.

3. Surprise Bonuses!

Love finding money in your winter coat? Give your subscribers that thrill. Toss in an unexpected freebie or discount code.

We’re used to a long, drawn-out tease for a new offer, but a genuine surprise? What a treat! What makes surprises effective? It's the human element. People love surprises, and it builds a sense of loyalty and excitement. Keep it spicy, keep 'em on their toes, and keep ‘em coming back for more (wait, what are we talking about again?). It's the art of the unexpected that turns ordinary emails into must-read messages.

4. Reverse the Roles

Get your subscribers in the hot seat. Ask for their opinions or advice. It's a change of pace, and not only does it build engagement, you might learn something. Plus, it’s a chance to flex your expertise subtly and remind them that you’re the BOSS of this subject.

Engaging with your audience isn't just about numbers; it's about building relationships. Nobody likes a show-off, but everyone loves a guru, so make your emails a conversation, not a monologue: ask questions, and be genuinely interested in the answers.

5. Get Personal, but Not Creepy

You’re not a secret stalker, so keep it tastefully personal. Birthday email? Cool. Referencing their last vacation from six months ago? Yeah, that’s a hard no. But using their name, commenting on a recent purchase, or even a casual "how's your dog doing?" if they once mentioned their pet, that's cool.

Personalisation isn't about prying; it's about showing your subscribers that you see them as humans, not just numbers. Be like that friendly neighbour who waves hello but not the one that rummages through your bins.


So that’s the long and short of it, fam. You've got the tools to serve up some emails that are as fun as a hedgehog in a party hat (CUTE). From one email rebel to another, take these tips, go forth, and make the inbox a less dull place.

Email marketing isn't just about clicks and open rates; it's about connection, creativity, and carving out a space where your readers feel valued.

Ellie is forever serving up glorious tips and tricks for Email Marketing and general business and CRM goodness!For more content like this, head over to Ellie's IG! @elliemillerlane

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