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Hi I’m Beck, and I am the mind behind Small Biz Gals Adelaide.


I completely understand how it feels to be the only person in your personal world who has started a small business, absolutely clueless about where to start, what to do or how to handle all the bumps in the road. I am well versed in the time that goes into searching the internet for resources to try and find the answers to your questions, or literally spilling your beans to any one who will listen about your business because you are just so passionate. 


It is so easy for others to question you, undermine you, demean you by calling it a hobby and that can leave you feeling alone in the biz world. So what do you do? You go looking for groups or networks of people in similar boats, you search facebook, instagram, anywhere you can. 


From these feelings myself, Small Biz Gals Adelaide was born. It is for the gals who need some guidance and support through their business journey, to inspire them to kick on and be the successful entrepreneur we all know they can be.


I’m so glad you found our corner of the internet and I’d love for you to join the community, you can find our FREE Facebook Group here.


Beck x

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